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  • Janssens et Associés

  • Agence Régionale de Propreté

  • GlaxoSmithKline Bio

    Management of the Smart Working Project: layout, design, management of implementation, management of office moves, communication and change management. (2011-2013 with Aremis)

  • UCB

    Imlementeren van aan de activiteit aangepaste werkruimten -Project TETRIS. Change management van één pilot groep. (2013)

  • Cap Gemini

    Ontwikkeling van de globale workplace richtlijnen ter wereld. (2013 with AOS France)

  • Fugro Engineers

    Move to new offices. Counseling in property negotiations, definition of needs based on the identity, support to the work contracting authority. (2008)

  • Ecoterres ‐ Kalis

    Spatial planning in the framework of the teams consolidation in one building. (2011)
    Implementation of Human Resources Procedures. (2012)

  • Bruxelles Propreté

    Research, development and implementation of a new office workspace organisation consistent with the transformation of the organisational model. Cultural diagnose (2009-2011)

  • Commune de Forest

    Inventory of the municipality's buildings. Relocation programme for the employees of the Municipality Hotel during its renovation. (2012)

  • Michelin

    Current situation analysis via a cultural diagnosis for the cultural integration of the factory in Troyes (previously Kleber) in the Michelin Group. (2010 with AOS Studley)

  • Police de Mons Quévy

    Study of spatial and functional needs for the Police of Mons Quévy in the framework of the consolidation of 3 buildings. (2010 with Anixton)

  • Petercam

    Cultural diagnosis to support change in the context of internal post-2008 crisis structuring projects. (2010 with Nexum)

  • Valens

    Analysis for the restructuration of the general services. (2009)

  • ASP Blue Squares

    Consolidation of operations in Nivelles and Antwerp on a unique site. Selection and implementation of a common management software.
    Supervision of organisation and implementation of workspaces on the new site. (2008-2009)

  • Van Halteren & Associates

    Support to change caused by the integration of two external studies.
    Analysis of the identity and of the organisation. Implementation of procedures at operational level in line with the identity. (2005)
    Implementation of a Human Resources policy. (2008)

  • Bouygues Construction

    Exploratory research of the office workspace layout charter at Bouygues Construction in 20 years at the Challenger headquarters. (2008 with AOS Studley)

  • DaimlerChrysler Belgique Luxembourg

    Crisis management, restructuration and improvement of procedures at a local dealership. (2007-2008)

  • CIT Blaton

    Definition of the workspace organisation concept, taking into account the organisational and functional constraints, in line with the company identity. Support to the management of changes caused by the project. (2006-2007)

  • Société Générale

    Optimisation study of the timing and costs of internal transfers.
    Awareness development towards office organisation issues
    Concept of flexible office workspace applied to the Information Systems Department (3000 people (2006-2007 with AOS Studley)

  • Nissan Europe

    Proposal for a flexible office workspace concept at Nissan's European companies. Organisational impact study related to the reorganisation of the site in Trappes (2007 with AOS Studley)

  • Renault

    Intervention in the writing of a reference manual for the sizing and implementation of a flexible office workspace concept. (2007)

  • Renault Division des Pièces et Accessoires

    Pilot project for Renault's "Virtual office" in the region of Paris. Management and support to change towards the implementation of shared offices. (2006 with AOS Studley)

  • Blue Squares Production sa

    Implementation of a piece of software for managing the availability of hired equipment.
    Conception et drafting of reports (invoices, order forms, tenders reporting) under Crystal Report

  • Ultra IT sprl

    Counseling and support during the separation of associates. (2005)
    Internal reorganisation at hierarchical and operational levels to face growth and change management caused by this reorganisation.

  • Blue Squares Holding

    Structuring of support services. (2003)
    Implementation of a management software. (2004-06)
    Strategic research on the identity of the company. (2006)

  • CIT Blaton

    Formalisation of the company identity. Readjustment of the roles within the shareholders group to improve its working. (2003)

  • Institut de Nouvelle Hypnose asbl

    Identity definition of the Center. Adaptation of the communication tools (website, documents distributed in therapies) in line with the new identity. Redefinition of the roles of the Director and of his assistant.

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